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Drs. Brahms, Cohn & Leb Inc. have a rich heritage in orthopaedic care for the people of Northeast Ohio. The practice was started over 50 years ago when Dr. Malcolm Brahms joined Dr. Alvin Tramer's orthopaedic practice. Today, Dr. Bruce Cohn and Dr. Robert Leb carry on the tradition of providing quality orthopaedic healthcare to the residents of Northeast Ohio.

Patient Education Videos

Patient Education Videos

These simple, easy to understand animations give you a clear understanding of your body, how it responds to injury, and how the planned treatment can help you

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AcupunctureNow Available at Brahms, Cohn & Leb!

Acupuncture involves the practice of introducing very thin needles into the skin to stimulate specific anatomical points in the body which have therapeutic benefits, known as acupoints or acupuncture points.

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